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I have used the services of Dr. Jeff Spar at The Center for Executive and Corporate Development for the last two years, to provide career coaching for myself and one of my employees. Since employing his services, we have seen a tremendous increase in productivity and are more focused on our business needs. I am more relaxed and I have a decisive business plan in place.

Dr. Spar has also helped me to sort out differences with my business partner and to deal more decisively with both existing and prospective clients. On the personal side, Dr. Spar and I have worked on issues of burnout and stress, that have affected both my personal and professional life. The coaching is still in progress and our business has never been better!

Arnold Zimmerman
Senior Partner
Hollander Horizon International
Executive Recruiters

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A year ago I knew I was no longer professionally fulfilled. Although my business was doing well, I was uncertain about what professional direction I should take. Should I attempt to develop a replacement for myself or should I sell the business to remove my anxiety? My ambivalence was the only aspect of my feelings that I was certain about. I knew I needed professional assistance or, better yet a “Coach” to help me to clear my head and to set a game plan into action that would alleviate my anxiety. I wanted to be able to enjoy the benefits that come from making clear minded decisions.

I decided to meet with Dr. Jeff Spar so that he could coach me through this extremely important period in my life. The impact of our coaching sessions has been virtually immeasurable. Jeff cleared my mind of cobwebs and helped me to see the bigger picture that I was unable to see on my own. He guided me through the professional issues that I was facing and enabled me to have a clear view of my personal situation. I was then able to act on what I now know was the right path of action for me.

Because of Jeff's coaching and the game plan ingredients that he enabled me to develop, I can honestly say that I received a higher valuation for my business than I ever imagined. I am extremely pleased with the results both mentally and financially. I cannot thank Jeff enough for the valuable service that he has provided to me.

Gene Friedlander
Jaffer Associates Corp.

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I started to work with Dr. Jeff Spar approximately 2-1/2 years ago, because I was making a transition from having a 12-year executive position with a company to owning my own business. My challenge has always been to maintain a personal life while achieving business success. I wanted to utilize Dr. Spar's skills in order to help me to achieve a solid business or career foundation, while at the same time developing a check and balance system – to make sure I was also acheiving my personal goals.

Through the help of Dr. Jeff Spar, I learned that I needed to grow both professionally and personally in terms of understanding the true value of my work and how I spend my time. Making shifts in how I operate and with whom, allowed me to focus more on establishing a solid financial base which will then afford me more personal time. My goal is to conclude business ventures which have required constant travel outside of Florida and have not been profitable. I am now working on establishing profitable business ventures locally, so I have a better opportunity of achieving my personal life goal which is marriage and a child. Dr. Spar has been instrumental in these transitional years of my life – he has played many roles based on where I was at the time and what I needed, while still focusing on the big picture. Thank goodness for Dr. Jeff Spar ... he is so much more than a coach!

Michelle Briand
Styles by Michelle

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