"The minute you do what you really want to do, it's really a very different kind of life."
-Buckminster Fuller


Coaching for Career and Life Transitions

Members of one of the most rapidly growing populations, the demographic group known as “baby boomers,” are now beginning to redefine the retirement years. While many choose to move into traditional retirement or even early retirement, others in the group are looking at the development of new careers and pursuits. This population is the healthiest, most affluent and well educated of any aging group in our history. We will see some very innovative ways in which people will remain viable contributors to the work force as they pursue their passions for the duration of a lifetime!

Perhaps the only thing we can count on in today’s world is change...

Like it or not, change is all around us. Even when we stay in one place, we still have to deal with transitions in our environment. People are being asked to live in a world in which there is less and less security and stability. Men and women find themselves changing not only their jobs, but also their careers throughout the course of their lifetimes.

The result has been greater self-reliance and less ability to assume that systems, employers or corporations will take care of us. What does this mean for the average person? More than ever, we need to know ourselves—who we are and what we bring to the table. We also need to clearly define and articulate our abilities, talents and skills. When we know who we are, what our strengths are, and how we best fit in an organization, we are in a position of self advocacy and thus more resilient in a sea of change.




Workshop! Teleclass! Career Resilience!

Learn the tools that you need to thrive in your career in the decades to come...

Exploring Your Career Resilience

A ten week teleclass offered over the phone for individuals who recognize the need to uncover the unique talents which make them more flexible in a rapidly changing work environment.  If you're experiencing a shift in your work setting or want to anticipate one, this is the way to pack your backpack with the tools that will make you more adaptable. Learn the skills you'll need to be ready for the new work contract. Reading assignments will be made to make the dialogue stimulating, rich and interactive.  This is an opportunity to enhance your knowledge and share your own experiences with others who are preparing for a rapidly changing world!

  • There's no gold watch at the end of the rainbow. Be prepared for change

Understand the rules of the new work era and be prepared for a different contract between employers and employees.

  • Understand who you really are

Begin a process of uncovering talents that give you unique perspective and an opportunity to create a niche that is different from the rest of the competition

  • The Trapeze Model

Yes, it is scary hanging in mid air between trapeze bars. It may be the only way to know what you really are about and what you really can do. Are you ready for the ride?

  • Developing Alliances

Learning how to be more aware of how your talents may align and integrate with others to form some really exciting collaborations

  • Always work as if you were working for yourself

Learn how important it is to maintain a self employed attitude and how it prepares you to deal with your work more independently.

Fee: $549.00 (US) for eight weeks; suggested readings purchased separately.

This class will be scheduled with a minimum of 10 participants and a maximum of 15. Each session will be 75 minutes. It will be repeated periodically through the year as classes fill.





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