"Finding the right work is like finding your own soul in
the world."
-Thomas Moore


Developmental Coaching Objectives

Get the tools you need to hire people for the right fit!

Help your teams form on the basis of the best use of the members' talents!

Don't wait for the last minute to get a succession plan in action!

Help your people develop to their best levels!

Large corporations offer executives and managers opportunities to develop their strengths to successfully navigate the leadership environment. My objective is to bring the same coaching benefits and assessment tools — readily available to Fortune 500 executives — to small and moderate sized businesses, entrepreneurs and private practitioners. Not having the benefit of a large human resource and training budget should not preclude your staff from the same developmental opportunities offered by the nation's leading corporations.

With competition as fierce as it is in today's global economy , providing developmental advantages for yourself and your employees is more important than ever. A combination of coaching skills and state of the art   assessment tools help people find more effective solutions for increased performance and interpersonal development in the workplace. By examining abilities, skills, values, interests, motivations and visions, I help my clients move toward their goals with integrity and focus.

I provide solutions for finding people who are the right fit for a job, succession planning that makes good sense, 360's that give insight into areas where growth is most needed, and developing teams that work better. My job is to coach you and your people from where you are to where you really want to be, and my philosophy is grounded in the following quotation by Chester I. Bernard: "We hire people for their skills, but the whole person comes to work." Let me help you tap into your full potential and the potential of your people!

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The Highlands Program






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