"I'd rather be a failure
at something I enjoy
than a success at
something I hate."
-George Burns


Coaching for Entrepreneurs

If you have always dreamed of working for yourself and know that is your true calling, then we need to talk...

  • Are you tired of working for other people who do not really allow you to fly with your ideas?

  • Are you bogged down by a beauracratic hierarchy that blocks your creative juices?

  • Do you know that you have great ideas that can be turned into money making concepts?

  • Has your heart always told you that there is more that you could be doing if only you had free rein?

  • Are you willing to take the bold step toward entrepreneurship?

Let me help you clarify the objectives and work out a plan that can help you work effectively "on" your business not just "in" your business. Let's look at the supportive infrastructure you'll need as well as the information required to make your business a success. 




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