The Print Survey

The Print® Survey is an extraordinary tool that essentially unravels the "DNA" of personality and helps the client to understand the intricacies of their reactions to the world. Most of my clients report that this instrument, more than any they have taken, really captures the essence of who they are and unveils the unconscious motivators behind their behavior, both when it is driven to positive objectives and when it expresses the "shadow" side of their personalities. In developmental work, the objective is to make decisions that guide you toward the manifestation of your best behavior, since it is the in the "best self" mode that we feel most congruent and most propelled toward success in our life and relationships.

The Print® Survey provides the following information to individuals who are in a developmental process:

  • Helps describe how we filter our perceptions of the world the way we do.
  • Provides us with an understanding of our view of the world; why we do what we do and why we are what we are.
  • Provides a clear blueprint for why we tend to react the way we do and how we relate to others.
  • Helps us understand the unconscious motivators that drive our behavior.
  • Helps us recognize the strategies that we take to get what we want.
  • Helps us realize why we avoid the things we do.
  • Helps us understand the "triggers" that tend to make us react negatively or just "drive us crazy".
  • Provides us with insight and understanding about the behavior of others.
  • Gives us a reading of which of the 9 potential Major Prints best describes us as well as the secondary print that reinforces our Major. A total of 72 unique Prints to help us understand the full potential of human behavioral style.
  • Provides us with a whole range of behaviors from those that are positive and reinforcing of our "best self" to those that are negative and work against us by reinforcing our "shadow."
  • Clearly delineates a continuum that enables the participant to see how they can decide to move toward their "best self" behaviors and to reduce "shadow" behaviors in order to move optimally in reaching one's full potential

Print® Strategies can be implemented:

  • For personal growth and development
  • For the improvement of relationships , both work and personal with
    • partners
    • parents
    • children
    • colleagues
    • peers
    • direct reports
    • supervisors
  • For work with team development
  • For organizations that are focused in enhancing performance based on better interpersonal understanding
  • For career development

The Print® Survey is the blueprint to:

  • Unleashing full potential in every facet of our lives
  • Unlocking our natural gifts,
  • Allowing our talents to move us to the best manifestation of our behavior
  • Reducing the impact of shadow behaviors and minimizing their negative impact on our lives.


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